Course Description

Delightful trails!
photo credit: Sierra Jessup Photography
 Our trails are located at the base of 12,276-foot Mt. Adams just north of Trout Lake, Washington. Trout Lake is an organic valley with two herb farms, three dairy farms, and the best spring water ever!

You'll be running on trails through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and surrounding timber lands. The course is essentially one big loop with aid stations every 4-7 miles providing water, electrolyte drinks, and limited snacks.

Marathon relayers may have teams of two to four people to cover the entire 26.2 miles. If you want to run the entire marathon and still be part of a team, you must run the first leg of the relay for your team. Marathoners run all legs. Ultra-runners (50K) run all, plus an extra  4.8 mile portion that will be added at the very beginning of the run. (They will start a half hour earlier than the rest.)

Relay Leg Distances:
Leg 1: 7 miles (moderate), 
Exchange 1
Leg 2: 4.6 miles (moderate)
Exchange 2
Leg 3: 8 miles (moderate to hard)
Exchange 3
Leg 4: 6.6  miles (easy to moderate)

For Relay Marathon
Relayers at Exchange 1!
Photo: Sierra Jessup Photography

Exchange point 1 is walking distance from the start. Exchange points 2 and 3 are an easy 4 mile drive north of the start with plenty of space to park and picnic.

In an effort to reduce paper waste, we are not providing cups. There will be plenty of water on course; however, you'll need to bring your own water bottle to refill at the aid stations.

A couple of wood nymphs!
Photo credit: Sierra Jessup Photography

Thank you to Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Manu-Life Forest Management, The King Family, The Pearson Family, The Woodruff Family.

Here are the maps of each course. Strava and Gaia links at the bottom of this page.

Elevation profiles for each distance are on the maps. You will find the elevations of each leg of the relay just below the last map. 

Elevation of Leg 1

Elevation of Leg 2

Elevation of Leg 3

Elevation of Leg 4