Zero-Waste Event

 Our ultimate goal is to be a zero-waste event someday. We start with three simple ways to reduce waste. Thanks for helping to keep our little corner of the earth clean.

First, no cups on the trail.
There will be lots of water provided throughout the run, but no disposable cups. Most long-distance trail runners carry their own water bottle. Please bring your own water bottle (or pop-up cup, or whatever you want to drink out of). 

Second, no plates.
That's right! There will be a wonderful post-run lunch served by our friends at Tofurky. So remember to add a plate (and a fork) to your packing list. Of course, if you forget, we're not going to let you starve. We will have some biodegradable supplies available. Of course, improvising is also encouraged. Did you know that a frisbee doubles quite well as dishware?!

Third, no cups at lunch.
Again, there will be lots of fresh water provided, but no paper cups. Bring your BPA-free refillable water bottle or cup and fill it up as many times as you'd like. Also bring your own coffee cup if you'd like a cuppa java in the morning--or fill it with a refreshing blueberry sno-cone after your run.

Fourth, no TP.
Just kidding. That's next year. :)