Frequently Asked Questions

Can men run the Wild Woman Trail marathon and Relay race?
This race is designed and intended for female or those who identify as female runners. That said, the Wild Woman does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities. We welcome men (friends, fathers, brothers, sons) to volunteer and support.

Is there day-of-race registration?
No, there is no day-of-race registration, but if there is space individual runners register on site the night before (Friday) between 3pm-7pm. All relay teams must be pre-registered.

Can I register for the race with a credit card at race headquarters?
No, day of is cash or check or Venmo only.

Can I get a refund if I can't come?
No refunds, sorry.  However, if you're on a team, and you find a replacement, we can provide her with a complimentary entry (and she can repay you). Contact the race director with name and email of your replacement runner.

Will there be aid stations?
There will be water and energy drink at all aid stations and limited energy food (about every 5-7 miles). 

Since this is a waste free event with no disposable water cups, how will I get water?
You will need to bring your water bottle, hydration pack, or portable cup. Plenty of drinking water available.

How far away from race headquarters are the relay exchange points?
Exchange point #1 is walking distance (about 1000 feet east of race headquarters).
Exchange #2 and #3 are located approximately 4 miles north from race headquarters. Parking will be in the same location for both of the exchanges; however, the exchanges are in two different spots about 1/10th of a mile from the parking area, in opposite directions. (We will provide directions for anyone heading up to those exchange points.) Plenty of parking is available at this exchange area.

Can I get a ride to exchange #2 and #3? 
Although there will not be a regular shuttle, there will be plenty of runners, crew, and volunteers heading up and down from there often. We will encourage everyone to share space in their vehicles. Or if you need a ride, don't be shy, just ask. You will not get stranded. Promise. 

Can our relay team run the 50K?
For simplicity's sake, the 50K distance is only open to individuals. The marathon distance is the only distance set up for relay teams. You may have relay teams of 2, 3, or 4. 

Will food be provided after the race?
Lunch will be served to each racer. Post race snacks will also be available.

Is there a place to shower?
There are showers available 1 mile south of camp at the Guler County Park.  It is $2 for 5 minutes.  Or, for the true wild woman we will have cold water horse troughs for a refreshing post-race plunge! Of course, there's always Trout Creek too. Just ask the race directors how to get there.

Will bathrooms be on the course?
Yes, there will be porta-potties at the start and finish.

What time are the free yoga classes?
Post run yoga classes will be held around 1pm in the afternoon as racers finish. Please bring your own mat, there will only be a few extras available.

What is the weather like in June?
Typically it will be hot in the day (70s) and cold (40’s) in the evening and early morning.  The majority of the race course is shaded by conifer trees.

Is an ATM available?
There is an ATM in Trout Lake inside the gas station.  You may want to bring some cash, for incidentals like a t-shirt, extra lunches, or a huckleberry smoothie in town.

Is Wi-Fi available at race headquarters?
Yes, believe it or not there is Wi-Fi.  But we don’t know how many people our internet system can handle so it may be intermittent.

Is there cell phone service?
AT&T and Verizon, yes.  Others sometimes.